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Hello there! Thanks for choosing us to bring your website to life. We totally understand that building a website is a big decision and we want to make our refund process as easy as possible for you.

1. Changing Your Mind Early On:

If you decide that you're not ready to go ahead with your project within 7 days of your first payment and before we've started any work, don't worry! We'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

2. Reconsidering After Some Progress:

Changed your mind after 7 hours and after we've already started creating your awesome website? No problem at all! You can cancel within the first 14 days of the project and we'll return 50% of your payment. We wish we could refund you fully, but this will help us cover some of the time and resources we've put into your project.

3. Decision After Deep Dive:

Once we're 14 days into the project, we'll be fully committed to your website, using significant time, resources, and a lot of coffee! At this point, we won't be able to offer refunds because we're already deeply invested in making your website the best it can be.

We made this policy to keep things fair for both you, our valued client, and us, your dedicated website builders. By making a payment, you're saying you're okay with this policy. So make sure to read it over and feel free to ask us any questions!

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